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About.com's Election Blog: Talking Change

By About.com's Election '08 Bloggers

By Steve Cave

Well, that was ninety minutes of everything we already knew.

I, for one, was hoping that this debate would really shed some light on some of the core issues. hat it would really give us more reason to pick between the candidates. But, after the debate, Iím left right where I was before. I didnít feel like either candidate ďmessed up,Ē or said or did anything particularly striking.

I went to see what others were saying about the debate, and the reports sound like others had just as little to go on as I did. The U.S. Conservatives site pointed out a small slip up on Obamaís part, and said again that Obamaís foreign policy is naÔve at best, and dangerous at worst. The U.S. Liberals site was disappointed that McCain didnít treat Obama nicer during the debate.

Thatís all there is to talk about? After the first presidential debate?!

And so, itís back to us to keep the debate going, apparently! I think that Obamaís foreign policy IS a bit naive, but of course heís hoping to pull in the idealists, and people who are sick of war. And sure, McCain didnít give Obama much eye contact during the debate, but you arenít supposed to. Thatís how a debate is supposed to work. But, most Americans have never actually done debate, and donít know that. Maybe Obama doesnít even know!

Regardless, after having a lot of hope for this debate, Iím mostly disappointed. Hopefully in a few weeks, when these men face off again, weíll have a little more to go on!

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