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By Lahle Wolfe

Daniel, as I stated in a previous blog, the associations you mentioned do not bother me but Palin’s were not on your list and hers do bother me: “It is Palin’s identifying with, and promoting racism, that should concern Americans.”

You wrote, “Now, let me be clear, I don’t think Sarah Palin is anti-Semitic. She isn’t. But it’s the kind of association that colors your view of someone, however subtly.”

I would not call my reaction to Palin subtle when it comes to her repeatedly demonstrated racial insensitivity, which hits closer to home for me and my rainbow family. But if she does not openly disown David Brickner’s anti-Semitism, I will be just as outraged and offended.

I do not think anyone has the right (or authority) to declare any act of war, natural disaster, or sickness as a judgment of God on anyone. Nor do I think any politician has the right to state God ordained declaring war on another country especially when “in the name of God” is used as a justification for an act of man.

But attending a church is not the same thing as prescribing to, or putting into practice, any religious doctrine. I judge Sarah Palin by her own actions – her own words, rather than on those of a guest speaker at her church – with some exceptions, of course. For example, should a “grand dragon” be invited to speak and she sat through the sermon, it would raise more than just my eyebrows. So I guess I can see why her lack of response to David Brickner is disconcerting, especially to Jews.

Brickner was scheduled to address the Wassila Assembly of God Church some three years ago – long before Palin was in the VP running. And, the Alaskan Jewish community gave her a thumbs up earlier this year stating she has been a long time friend of Jews.

Rabi Yossi Greenberg offered this in support, if not defense of Palin regarding her association with Pat Buchanan, "I heard about it now for the first time. I can tell you this, from the time she became governor she has always supported the Jewish community and Israel and even sponsored a bill on behalf of Israel. She always comes to our events and she is really a very amazing woman.”

But is Palin really a friend to Israel? Or does she indirectly show that she agrees with the judgmental statements made by Brickner that terrorist attacks on Jewish men, women, and children are their own fault (see video clip) by not renouncing them as McCain did with John Hagee’s sermons?

In this case, Palin’s lack of words seems to be carrying a silent but telling sermon of her own to Jews. In fact, one that speaks as loud as her racially tinged words already have to so many of us who “are not like her.”

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